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Providing digital connectivity, support the development of digital skills, encourage the use of emergent digital technologies


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Creating new ideas, connecting innovators and communities

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Built for Creatives, by Creatives

We believe that community is critical to the development of a sustainable ecosystem. We give the best of our resources to the individuals that are interested in sharing knowledge and experiences through community.


Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

We have a dedicated team which is branded, its made up of  Lecturers, ICT Champions, Mentors, Designers, Technicians and Knowledge Custodians who are highly skilled with a lot of expertise. The team is ready to serve you at any time when you approach or visit HubAway Kabale innovation Hub.

What Our Clients Say

Nicholas  - Online Freelancer

Living and working from Kabale as an online freelancer for was initially a challenge for me due to frequent power cuts and occasional internet outages in the town. At some point, the power cuts were so severe that I had made up my mind to relocate back to the capital, Kampala, just to escape the interruptions to my online work caused by the never-ending power load-shedding problem in Kabale.

However, after a conversation with a friend and conducting a few online searches, I discovered a Government of Uganda initiative in collaboration with a Belgian project called Enabel that had established a co-working space at the National Teacher's College in Kabale. Upon reaching out to the staff of the center, which I later learned is called HubWay, the first coworking space of its kind in Kabale, I immediately signed up.

With the monthly subscription, not only do I have access to their facilities and equipment, but the load-shedding issues that had nearly driven me away from Kabale are non-existent at this center. I am now super productive with my online work thanks to the uninterrupted power and internet provided.

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